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YETA's Safe School Campaign

Letter Writing Campaign

A letter writing campaign was formed in response to Fullerton Union High School’s assistant principal disqualifying a senior boy from a competition, after stating that in 10 years who would like to be married to the man that he loves (see attached). This campaign became the foundation for the following YETA safe schools campaign.

Safe Schools Campaign

Principal Letter

A letter that the principal will sign stating that he/she agrees to help stop bullying on campus. It will also state that they will allow youth representatives to conduct the safe school surveys and hand out anti-bullying pledges and know your school laws cards on campus. If necessary, it will allow bullying workshops to be presented to teachers, faculty, and administration.


Surveys will be distributed twice a year, the beginning and the end of the school year. There will be two separate surveys, one for students, and one for teachers, faculty, and administration. Guidelines will be put in place to ensure the accuracy of these surveys. The purpose of the surveys will be to get the perspective on the bullying that goes on as well as the procedures that are in place and how bullying is addressed by the school.

Anti-bullying Pledge

Anti-bullying pledges will be signed by teachers, faculty, administration, and students. They will state that the individual signing will make the effort to stop bullying on campus. They will be collected and those who sign will be given information and resources about recognizing and dealing with bullying. The school surveys will be given before the pledge campaign and again after to see if there is change in student’s experience of school safety.

Info Cards

Small pocket-sized cards with information about bullying, student rights, and resources that they can go to if they are experiencing bullying. The cards will include The Center OC’s new bully report hotline number and YETA’s email address.

Educational Workshop

Educational workshops are being developed to help teachers, faulty, and administration better understand the effects of bullying and how to address it, school laws, and LGBTQ cultural sensitivity.

Rating System

Schools will be graded based on how safe students feel on campus, the amount of bullying that goes on, the adherence to California’s school laws, AB9 and AB1156, and their willingness to make changes. Data will also be collected and made public including the Principals who do and do not sign the letters, the schools that do and do not allow the survey and anti-bullying pledge campaign to take place, and how the students rate their campus in terms of safety.

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